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Slim is landing in Murfreesboro, TN

Slim Chickens Murfreesboro

Slim is landing in Murfreesboro, TN

Slim Chickens is opening its first Tennessee location at the beginning of March in Murfreesboro, home to Middle Tennessee State University. The school has students enrolled from 92 out of 95 counties in the state, giving the brand an understanding of potential development success in other areas.

“If you can appeal to those guys, we will know whether people like us and get a feel for where we go next,” said Wes Sivley, general manager for Slim Chickens Murfreesboro, representing the franchise group, Life Changing Hospitality LLC, that is bringing the restaurant to Tennessee.

Slim Chickens has seen success expanding across Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri and Nebraska, and they believe the fresh chicken tender and wing concept will resonate similarly in the Volunteer State, with plans to open as many as 10 locations in the next three to five years.

“Our chicken is never frozen; our signature dipping sauces are handmade; everything is made from scratch,” Smart said. “The focus for us is Southern hospitality in a fast-casual restaurant.”