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Slim Chickens set to make second appearance in Lubbock

Slim Chickens Lubbock

Slim Chickens set to make second appearance in Lubbock

After a successful year of being in business, Slim Chickens will be expanding its presence in Lubbock.

The new Slim Chickens restaurant will wrap up construction at 98th Street and Quaker Avenue at the end of December and is planned to open in early January.

Wilson said the new restaurant is being built from the ground up and will feature the true look of Slim Chicken restaurants found throughout the U.S.

“This will be the first one that Lubbock gets to see what it’s actually supposed to look like,” Wilson said. “The new one it’s red brick on the bottom and it’s got gray slate siding all around it and galvanized metal roof. I’m really looking forward for people to see that one.”

Greg Smart Slim Chickens chief marketing officer, said Lubbock has been a great fit for the franchise and is excited for Slim Chickens’ second location to open in Lubbock.

“I had the chance to spend some time in Lubbock and getting to know Chris and opening that restaurant I’ve been pleasantly surprised,” Smart said. “We determined Lubbock is a great environment for Slim Chickens. Our brand we focus on southern hospitality and a family-feel quality product. We felt that was going to work well in Lubbock, and so far so good.”