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Slim Chickens sends food to the North Pole for Christmas

Slim Chickens Family

Slim Chickens sends food to the North Pole for Christmas

In the last year, we’ve expanded Slim Chickens into seven states around the US. We opened our first location in Illinois in East Peoria, two locations in Nebraska, and continued to expand in Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Texas.

But as hard as we’ve worked to spread the joys of our fresh tenders, wings, salads, sandwiches, and wraps to the world, at least to our knowledge, no one had ever tasted Slim Chickens in Alaska. That changed recently, thanks to our loyal fans from the Inabnit family, and some hard work by the Slim Chickens team.

Here’s how it happened. One of our serviceman fans from Oklahoma City was transferred to Eielson Air Force Base, in North Pole, Alaska.

He and his family had formed quite a Slim Chickens habit during their time in OKC, though, and after some time up about as far away as you can get from a Slim Chickens location up in The Last Frontier, his wife decided to try and find a way to surprise her husband and kids with their favorite Slim Chickens meal over the holidays.

She messaged us through the website, and since it’s the holidays (and our team loves a challenge), we decided we had to try and find a way to ship the Inabnit family’s favorite meal to their new home in The North Pole.

The family was hooked on our tenders with medium buffalo sauce, so we packed up a care package for them and overnighted a few jars of our signature sauce, along with some breaded tenders that they could fry for themselves once it arrived (Because it wouldn’t be Slim’s if it wasn’t cooked fresh to order, right?).

The result? We think the family said it best themselves.

It was fabulous. We all enjoyed it so much. The “yums!” and “wows!” lasted through out the meal. My 3 yr old daughter said it was Yum-tastic! Lol She ate 3 pieces. It really was good. It was such a blessing to all of us. We really can’t say enough. It really took us home.

We also included plenty of fun surprises in the package to thank the Inabnits for their enthusiasm for our food, and they sent us these awesome pictures.

Thanks for being the first folks to taste Slim Chickens in Alaska, Inabnit family!