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Slim Chickens Restaurant Coming to University of Arkansas Founders Hall

Slim Chickens Restaurant Coming to University of Arkansas Founders Hall

We’re excited to announce that Slim Chickens is coming to the University of Arkansas campus in the fall of 2013!

The following news release came out today via the University of Arkansas’ website.

To say that chicken is king in Northwest Arkansas is no stretch of the imagination. One just has to look at the region’s history and to the number of restaurants serving chicken in the area to see this is true.

In Fayetteville, no chicken restaurant seems more popular with college students than Slim Chickens. And when Founders Hall and the expanded Brough Dining Hall opens in the fall of 2013 students will be able to eat at their own Slim Chickens on campus.

“As a Fayetteville-based company, we’ve built quite a relationship with University of Arkansas students over the years, and we’re very proud that UA students chose Slim Chickens as the restaurant they most wanted to see on campus,” said Slim’s co-founder Greg Smart. “We look forward to making it even move convenient for the students to enjoy our fresh, made-to order chicken tenders, wings, sandwiches, salads, and wraps right on campus.”

Students are very excited to have this new offering coming to campus.

“On behalf of ASG, I would like to extend a warm welcome to the new Slim Chickens that will be part of the Bough expansion, Founder’s Hall edition. There’s nothing better than Fayetteville’s best chicken brought home to the YOU of A,” said Christina Crowder, director of dining services for Associated Student Government.

Even students who are scheduled to graduate before Slims opens are thrilled the restaurant is coming to campus.

“I wish I was going to be around for a few more years so I could be here when Slims’ comes to campus! I’m excited to see this Fayetteville favorite become the next local business to call the UA campus home,” said Tori Pohlner, current ASG president.

Smart and Tom Gordon founded Slim Chickens in Fayetteville in 2003, and now have eight locations in Arkansas and Oklahoma.

When Founders Hall opens it will be connected to Brough Commons Dining Hall. “Part of the first floor will be the housing lobby and the other area will be dining, retail,” said David Davies, assistant vice provost for finance and administration. “Part of the second floor will be student rooms and the other part will be general dining attached to the current second floor of Brough.”