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Slim Chickens franchisee Rob Byford on KTHV-TV

Slim Chickens waffles

Slim Chickens franchisee Rob Byford on KTHV-TV

In honor of National Waffle Day, franchisee Rob Byford demonstrated how Slim Chickens does the Southern staple—chicken and waffles.

 “It all starts with good ingredients,” Byford said. “If your waffles come out of the freezer, or your chicken, we’re getting on the wrong start.”

 Rob proceeds to explain how Slim Chickens uses only premium ingredients, and he does a great job of demonstrating how to properly the traditional chicken an waffles. He also shares how popular the menu item is, as well as explain that the meal isn’t just for breakfast.

 “Chicken and waffles is a southern staple. We really hang our hat on them, and Slim Chickens is a southern hospitality brand,” Byford said. “Chicken and waffles are good all day, Monday through Sunday, any time of the day.”