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Chain Profile: Slim Chickens Franchise

Slim Chickens Interior

Chain Profile: Slim Chickens Franchise

RECAP: Foodservice Equipment & Supplies recently conducted interviews with Slim Chickens COO Sam Rothschild and Co-Founder and CMO Greg Smart for a great profile piece about the growing brand.

The article begins with a look at the founding of Slim Chickens, and remarks on how the founders’ lack of restaurant experience was a positive, not a negative.

Said Smart, “We weren’t limited or beholden to any kind of preconceived notions about how a restaurant should run, so we just ran it the way we felt we want to be treated and want to be served. That really led to our cornerstones, our core values of great customer service, great products.”

The rest of the article focuses on the growth of the Slim Chickens brand within a growing better chicken segment, and centers on the “southern hospitality” of both the restaurant’s layout and service which should help the brand hit its goal of 600 stores in the next decade. The piece mentions that part of Slim Chickens’ successful franchise growth stems from the simplified layout and processes they have put in place.

Said Rothschild, “When we’re working with franchisees and they’re coming in to look at the concept, they’re surprised and delighted by the lack of complexity of what we do. We’re very efficient with that space.”

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