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Slim Chickens Fast Casual Chicken Restaurant Franchise In Forbes

Slim Chickens Featured on Forbes.com

Southern Hospitality Paying Off For Restaurant Chain Slim Chickens via Forbes

Who can resist Southern hospitality—or Southern comfort food for that matter? Based on the performance of Fayetteville, Arkansas-based Slim Chickens, which prides itself on offering “Delta food where food is honest and meals are social,” few can.

In Technomic’s ranking of the top 500 restaurant chains in the U.S., revenue at Slim Chickens spiked 46% in 2017.

Slim Chickens, a fast-casual restaurant chain, now has 82 locations, having opened 16 stores in 2018, a rapid increase. Of that number, 61 are franchised and 21 are company-owned. Moreover, it has crossed American borders. Of its 82 stores, 5 are located overseas: 3 in the United Kingdom and 2 in Kuwait. Many of its American eateries are located in Texas and Arkansas.

And the growth keeps proliferating. If everything goes according to plan, it expects to have 100 stores by the end of 2019.

The average dinner check is a modest $9, so it’s value-oriented for most people.

Here what Slim Chickens’ cofounder and president/CEO Tom Gordon says about its fast-accelerating growth:

Slim Chickens’ revenue rose 46% in one year. Why?

Tom Gordon: We’ve added a lot of outlets; that’s the big thing. We’ve also added a technology piece, an online ordering app on your mobile telephone. That item alone added over $2 million in revenue last year.

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