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Slim Chickens Biggest Fan Contest Winner

Slim Chickens biggest fan

Slim Chickens Biggest Fan Contest Winner

With over 200 entries from six states, we were humbled this week to review the submissions for our first ever biggest fan competition.

We already knew this from seeing you all in the stores, but we were reminded that several of you eat at Slim Chickens two, three, even four times per week. Sometimes more.

You met your spouses in our restaurants, or came in on a first date. Some of you have practically raised your children at Slim Chickens.

One of you even visited us on your wedding night, and came through the drive through in your limousine after being too excited to eat at the reception.

Some of you have been with us since we first opened 12 years ago in Arkansas, and some of you have just recently fallen in love with our fresh, made-to-order chicken, at one of our newer locations, but one thing remains true; We love every single one of you, and we can’t thank you enough for the incredible support over the years.

That said, you guys made it extremely difficult to choose a winner this year, but we feel pretty good about the 11 finalists that we have chosen, and the individual we’ve crowned as Slim Chickens biggest fan.

And the winner is…

Justin Pickett (from Edmond, OK)IMG_0785

Just about every Slim Chickens fan had a moment like this at one point or another. They wandered in to a store for the first time out of sheer curiosity, placed their order, and were floored by the fresh, made-to-order tenders or wings, the handmade dipping sauces, the chicken and waffles, the jar desserts, the wraps, the salads, or just the friendly service they received.

Justin, our winning entrant this year, just happened to catch his #lifechangingchicken moment on tape. He made the hilarious video below, and uploaded it to his Facebook page where it has already received nearly 800 views. At the time, Justin wasn’t even aware of the biggest fan contest, and just made the video to take his Facebook friends to task for not telling him about Slim Chickens sooner.

It’s funny. It’s creative. It’s full of personality, and it’s another example of the power of a good meal made with a lot of love to be truly transformative, even if that means just making someone smile, or making someone’s day a little bit better.

Justin’s video has made a lot of folks smile, including everyone at Slim’s HQ when we review the entries. That’s why he’s the winner of our Biggest Fan contest, good for FREE Slim’s for a year!

The winning entry

Submission excerpt: So, one day I was trying to decide what I wanted for lunch. I hopped in the car and headed to get some chicken…. The story starts off as simple as that. Well, on my way I was detoured and happen to take the long way around to get to the normal place I go to get my chicken. On my way, what did I notice off to the side of the road, none other than the Slim Chickens establishment in Edmond, OK. I pulled in to a long line in the drive through, proceeded to place my order and BAM, got my order and my life was instantly changed. The foooooood was amazing and I got home and took to Facebook to share my frustration with my friends list of why none on had NEVER told me about this place before! As a joke I didn’t think the video was be such a hit amongst my friends. As of now it has over 640+ views and plenty of people have reached out to me to share with me that I made them go try Slim Chickens as well. Just like me, they all have been very satisfied consumer of this delicious food! I think the video speaks for itself of why I feel I should be Slim Chickens biggest fan contest winner. Thanks!


I’m mad at yall Facebook! Didn’t nobody tell me…

Posted by Justin Pickett on Friday, August 21, 2015

The runners up

In addition to the winning entry, we also chose ten more of our favorites to highlight below as well. All of the following folks will receive a gift certificate and swag package for their awesome entries.

Nick (Fayetteville, AR)
Submission excerpt:

I want you to know that it is more than the food that makes me love you so much. I am a huge believer in integrity, and I honestly believe that Slim Chickens has some of the most integrity of any restaurant I have ever been. You guys don’t have to cook my meal fresh every time, but you do. You guys don’t have to greet me with a smile every time, but you do. You guys don’t have to only hire workers who care about people, but you do. You guys don’t have to have integrity to make a lot of money, but I can tell that it isn’t all about the money for you, but that you actually care for your customers.

Leah (from Little Rock)
Submission excerpt:

Slim Chickens claiming to have “Life Changing Chicken” has turned out to be far far from false advertising. “Slims” has changed my life for the better. Every bite I take of the perfectly breaded, moist, tender chicken (which is quite often, at least three times a week), a burst of euphoria envelopes me and I am carried away to another world. A world where worries are nonexistent, joy is endless, and slims is available for every meal. When I leave Slims, each time I am sent into a spiraling fit of depression, which is very hard to curb. However, it is immediately cured as soon as I return to the warm, southern, welcoming Slim Chickens, an oasis amidst the cold harsh world of low-quality food.

Riley (from Bentonville, AR)
Submission excerpt:

Three years ago, I wrote a blog post. While I was hesitant to drudge up an old item from the past, I thought it was important. It wasn’t a video or something I conjured up merely to attempt to win a competition. It was written because it was how I actually felt… and still do.

I wanted to let the world know that Slim’s had the best chicken on the planet, and I didn’t need a potential reward to entice me to tell them.

Free chicken or no free chicken.

I was, am and always will be Slim Chickens biggest fan.

Matt (from Rogers, AR)
Submission excerpt:

Slim’s is typically a weekly stop for my family and is always where we celebrate special occasions. It has become my Birthday tradition to eat at Slim’s and not even snow has stopped me from keeping that tradition.

It is the combination of unbelievably tasty, high quality food and great customer service that makes Slim’s my favorite restaurant. It is the only restaurant the whole family can agree on, and has menu accommodations for my daughter with dietary restrictions/food allergies.

Lea (from Cabot, AR)
Submission excerpt:

We first discovered Slims back in 2012 when my husband won a gift card on the Bo Mattingly show. The closest store is in Conway and we live in Cabot, 28 miles away. It didn’t matter once we tasted Slims for the first time! We’ve happily driven the almost 60 miles round trip weekly to get our Slims fix. (Pleaseeee open one in Cabot ASAP though lol!) My favorite thing about Slims is the amazing handmade sauces! So much so, that I’ve often joked about drinking them by themselves. Well, today I actually did just that. Some people like shots of whiskey. Give me a shot of Slims Cayenne Ranch! Smooth and delicious!

Larissa (from Winslow, AR)
Submission excerpt:

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor by career, so helping others has been my goal in life and I’ve loved being able to do so when I can. But when you ‘listen’ for a living, and you’re losing your sense of hearing and balance, it changes everything. So now, I am asking you for what would not only be an amazing prize to win, but a meaningful life-changing experience for me. Thank you for being there for me for the past 10 years! The amazing Slims sauce has been one of the very few things that has brought a smile to my face throughout time. 🙂

Stephanie (via Kai, From Fayetteville, AR)

Stephanie is sad because her wrap is almost gone
Submission excerpt:

I never thought I’d meet anyone who loved Slim Chickens more than myself until “she” walked into your store and subsequently into my life. I was enjoying my 5 and 5 plate in your college location when the door swings open and standing there in the doorway was a silhouette that made me audibly gasp and drop my hot wing. Long, and tall, exuding a powerful feminine elegance she stepped into the room and the fluorescent lights quickly painted the previously black silhouette. Her skin was a warm olive tone and she had dark mysterious eyes. I had to remind myself to breathe. Our eyes locked for a split second and she cut me a brief smile that set my soul on fire. Speechless I sat there, like a child, completely captivated by this mesmerizing presence.

She didn’t even look at the menu and without hesitation she ordered two buffalo chicken wraps with hot sauce and no tomatoes (one in a plate meal) a spicy BBQ and two Cayanne ranches. This wasn’t her first rodeo… She grabbed her number placard and proceeded to the soda fountain where I was graced with another quick smile and nod of approval after she quickly and carefully took a mental inventory of my food and sauces. She sat at the table across from me. I was still dumbstruck and in a pseudo catatonic state paralyzed and overcome by her beauty and the confidence in which she ordered her chicken wraps.

My gaze was broken when she out of nowhere spoke to me “so… 5 and 5 huh? I’m a wrap girl myself” it took me a moment to realize she was speaking to me and upon that revelation i took a deep breath and immediately professed my love for all that is Slim Chickens. After a short while they brought her food and she asked to join me at my table and we continued talking. Turns out she worked at the same Hospital as me (just on a different floor) we knew a lot of the same people.

We literally talked for an hour about our shared obsession of Slim Chickens. How we both literally eat there almost every day. Then we tried to one up each other with crazy chicken seeking stories. Hell, I’ve even donated plasma because I was broke but needed my Slim Chicken fix. She devoured her plate and both wraps with the ferocity of a large jungle cat all the while with the unparalleled beauty and physical aesthetics of the most delicate wild orchid… We exchanged information and she proceeded back to the counter and ordered another wrap “for later” well played woman of my dreams… Well played…

Up until that fateful afternoon I would have looked you in the eye with complete confidence and told you I was without doubt, the Biggest Slim Chickens Fan… Until I met her… Her name is Stephanie Garey and she IS the Biggest Slim Chickens Fan.

Patrick (from Conway, AR for his daughter Maddie)
Submission excerpt:

My daughter is the Biggest Fan of Slim Chickens there could ever possibly be. She always is wanting Slims after school. Her favorite meal is a Chicks Plate with grilled chicken, BBQ sauce, french fries, texas toast, and rootbeer. For special holidays she always wants a Slims gift card to let her go more than she already does. If her friend group asks where to meet up she always suggests Slim Chickens and that’s primarily where you will see them. She says she has never had a bad experience at Slims either.

Amber (from Purcell, OK)
Submission excerpt:

I should be named Slim’s biggest fan because back in 2011 my husband and I were living in an upstairs apartment in Nrman down the street from the local Slims. We had eaten there 2 or 3 times a week. That day there was a severe weather alert that there would be tornadoes that evening (not surprising in Oklahoma). The sirens started to sound and we hauled our butts to Slims and got 2 hungry plates and a large okra! We both decided that if something were to happen to us we were gonna be full on some good chicken when it did! Everything turned out to be okay and we didn’t get hit but I don’t regret making the trip one bit!

Chris (from Rogers, AR)
Submission excerpt:

We love slim chickens so much we drove thru the drive-thru at the original slims on college after our wedding in 2004.

We were in the limo and we ordered a 5 & 5 plate (we didn’t get a chance to eat at the reception). The guy working asked if we had just got married, we said yes and he gave us our meal for free.

Less than a year later my wife got 2nd place in the Slims Chickens NCAA Tourney bracket and we won a $500 gift card that was spent in less than 2 months. Fast forward 11 years and 3 kids later we still eat here several times per week. It is the only place we all love.