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Slim Chickens is coming to Sioux Falls

Slim Chickens Slim Sign

Slim Chickens is coming to Sioux Falls

Better chicken brand Slim Chickens is coming to Sioux Falls. The Arkansas-based concept is being brought to the area by experienced multi brand franchisee Todd Porter.

“It’s a more limited menu, and they do it really, really well. They do a lot of volume and have kind of a Chick-fil-A cult-like following. People go nuts over it.”

Slim Chickens currently has 35 locations nationwide with another 19 franchisees in the development phase. Porter was introduced to the concept trough the Nebraska franchisee, who is a fellow Applebee’s franchisee as well.

“Restaurant news travels fast, especially in our area,” he said. “They’re really onto something. Their chicken tenders are the actual tenderloin of the chicken, not processed meats formed into something that looks like a chicken tender.”

Most Slim Chickens locations are freestanding with a drive-thru window. The menu offers chicken strips, salads, wraps, chicken and waffles and more Southern-influenced fare.

“Our brand has really developed a niche in the restaurant industry for product quality,” Simowitz said. “We use all fresh ingredients and minimal freezer space in every restaurant.”

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