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Press – Tyler Morning Telegraph – “Slim Chickens is ‘fast-casual,’ but comfortable, too”

Slim Chickens Fast Casual

Press – Tyler Morning Telegraph – “Slim Chickens is ‘fast-casual,’ but comfortable, too”


It’s a new term to many — “fast-casual.” At the new Slim Chickens, it means the convenience of fast food but with a comfortable dining room and an atmosphere of Southern hospitality.

“The industry is headed to fast-casuals,” explains Sam Rothschild, COO of the Slim Chickens chain. “The fast food guys of the world are struggling to maintain their sales and their standing, even though they’re behemoths, but consumers want a better product.”

And that’s where restaurants like Slim Chickens come in. The Tyler franchise, located at 7925 S. Broadway Ave., Suite 100, is slated to open on Monday, March 30.

Greg McKay, a Texarkana businessman, is opening the Tyler franchise.

“I’ve been a homebuilder for 26 years, and I’ve always had an interest in the restaurant business,” McKay said. “But I didn’t have any experience in it. I heard about Slims, up in Fayetteville (Arkansas), and got interested. I was fortunate enough to become their first franchisee.”

That restaurant opened in Texarkana in 2013. He quickly moved to expand on that success with restaurants in Marshall and Tyler. And he plans to add more locations in the future.

What drew McKay to the chain was both the food and the business model, he said.

Slim Chickens offers chicken tenders and wings, with fresh, never-frozen chicken and 15 varieties of sauces. A new menu offering is the chicken and waffles platter.

“We also offer healthier sides, not just a few things on the menu, all fried,” McKay said. “My wife doesn’t like fried foods, so there’s something for her, too.”