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PRESS: QSR Magazine – “The Digital Revolution”

PRESS: QSR Magazine – “The Digital Revolution”

By Kevin Hardy
Technological advancements have changed everything about the quick-service experience—and woe to the operator who falls behind.

Acquiring new restaurant technology can be a tricky business. Because of ever-decreasing prices, an operator may not want to be the first to buy a new application or software system. Plus, no one wants to invest in untested equipment, regardless of its technological prowess.

But, at the same time, if restaurants wait too long, there’s a real risk of getting left behind by both the competition and customers. Just as it has changed every other aspect of modern living, technology is constantly—and drastically—reshaping the quick-service and fast-casual businesses. From digital menuboards to online ordering to targeted social media campaigns, technology’s reach in the industry has never been more widespread. And there’s no question that all operators, regardless of size or segment, must have their hand in the game.

But industry insiders say that is easier said than done. Up until now, restaurant technology systems have remained somewhat fractured. Separate applications have handled separate tasks—mobile apps handle ordering, software systems track food and labor costs, online platforms manage marketing campaigns.

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