Slim Chickens Salads

Slim Chickens Salads

This is not a side salad. It never was, nor will be. Try one of two Slim Chickens salads for a flavor-packed, protein-rich, veg-piled meal.


Get the best of both worlds with a classic SLIMS SALAD. Your daily dose of fresh mixed greens, tossed with protein charged salad bling–fresh hand breaded or grilled chicken tenders–and topped with tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, cheese and onion straws. It’s salad, reimagined.


Up your salad game with the BUFFALO BLUES SALAD. Fresh mixed greens and tenders shaken in spicy Buffalo wing sauce (grilled or fried) is a walk on the wild side. Toss in crumbled, flavor-packed blue cheese and cool diced celery, and you have yourself a fresh take on dinner.