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New Slim Chickens in Liberty, MO

Slim Chickens Liberty Mo

New Slim Chickens in Liberty, MO

There will be a new Slim Chickens opening in mid-September in a free-standing building at 126 S. Stewart Road, being part of the remodeling of the intersection of Highway 152 and Interstate 35. The store plans to create at least 40 to 50 new opportunities for employment in that area.

“The areas we gravitate toward are those that have a good family base, which is our bread and butter, plus an area that has vibrant trade,” Gordon told the reporter. “We are in the heart of a nice commercial center, it’s great. The Liberty Commons has all the qualities we look for in a location.”

“We believe we have a good product, clean restaurants and a strong connection with our communities,” Gordon told the reporter. “We look at ways and where we can give back. We do partner with schools.”

“It’s what our business is built on,” Gordon told the reporter. “Of course, my second choice is the chicken and waffles. In my opinion, the quality of our products and services is unmatched. We believe in being local and meet those who live, work and thrive in Liberty. We plan to be part of this community and are excited and anxious to get the restaurant open.”