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Slim Chickens franchise director

Jackie Lobdell as Executive Director Franchise Development

Slim Chickens Hires Jackie Lobdell as Executive Director of Franchise Development.

Slim Chickens has already had a monumental year, including the launch of online ordering and a new loyalty app, and the opening of the brand’s first location in London. To build on the positive momentum and cultivate a proactive, strategic growth plan, Slim Chickens announced the hiring of Jackie Lobdell as the Executive Director of Franchise Development.

Lobdell is a multi-year award-winning sales professional with over 25 years of experience, most recently serving as director of franchise development for Focus Brands, where she spearheaded the growth of McAllister’s Deli through recruiting, awarding and onboarding new franchisees. During her tenure, Lobdell assisted McAllister’s Deli in expanding its franchise system to more than 400 restaurants in 28 states, largely through multi-unit partners. In 2017 Lobdell was named Sales Person of the Year for Focus Brands.

“I am thrilled to join the company at such an exciting time of growth and opportunity,” says Lobdell. “I look forward to building upon Slim Chickens’ successful foundation and driving franchise growth for us and our future franchise partners. Through my role in sales and development, it has been extremely rewarding to not only support and champion brands that are in growth mode but to find strong individual and multi-unit franchisees that are excited to join and grow with us. I want to work for a team that motivates me and for a concept that I am passionate about and I immediately found that at Slim Chickens and with its management team. Sam Rothschild is a distinguished executive in the industry and I was incredibly excited for an opportunity to follow his leadership.”