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Thank you for your interest in our App and Slimthusiast Rewards program!

We hope your questions are answered in the list below but if not please send us a note at rewards@slimchickens.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Is it free to download the Slim Chickens App?

Yes! You can download the Slim Chickens App for free in the iTunes Store or in the Google Play Store.

What does the Slim Chickens App do?

When you create an account with the Slim Chickens App you can order online, earn rewards, and get special offers and news. The Slim Chickens App also helps you find the closest Slim Chickens, displays store information like hours of operation, and helps you call a store or get directions.

What is a Slimthusiast?

A Slimthusiast is a loyal fan of Slim Chickens, who loves hand-breaded, cooked-to-order, fresh, hot, delicious chicken. You may find a Slimthusiast getting saucy with a pile of chicken tenders and a row of house dipping sauces in front of them.

How do I join the Slimthusiast Rewards?
  1. Download the Slim Chickens App.
  2. Create an account.
How do I earn Slimthusiast Rewards?

Online Orders: Sign in to your account and place your order. Points will automatically be added to your account. For every $1 you spend you get 1 point. For every 50 points you earn you will receive a $4 Reward.

Dine-in or Drive-thru: Scan the barcode on the bottom of your receipt by tapping the EARN button on the Rewards screen in the Slim Chickens App. Make sure to ALLOW the Slim Chickens App to access your smartphone camera if prompted.  Then simply scan the barcode and earn points! For every $1 you spend you get 1 point. For every 50 points you earn you will receive a $4 Reward.

Will I get a special offer for signing up?

Yes! You will receive a special offer for a FREE Cayenne Ranch Chicken Sandwich that you can claim up to 14 days after the creation of your Slimthusiast account. Don’t let it expire because it’s a good one!

How many special offers will I receive for signing up?

You will only receive one special offer when you first sign up.

When will I receive my special offer for signing up?

You will receive your FREE Cayenne Ranch Chicken Sandwich 12 hours after you sign up for an account with the App.

What will I receive on my birthday*?

You will receive a special offer for a FREE Jar Dessert to redeem around the time of your birthday. *Not valid during the month of sign-up. One per person per year.

How much time do I have to scan my receipt barcode and earn points until it expires?

A barcode can be scanned once for up to 48 hours.

How frequently can I earn points for orders?

You can earn points for up to two orders every 12 hours.

Can I have more than one Slimthusiast account?

No. Only one account per person.

How do I redeem my Reward?

Online Orders, App Orders: Just tap the redeem button and choose the Reward you would like to apply from the drop-down menu when you are paying for the order.

Dine-in or Drive-thru: Wait until you are at your Slim Chickens location and then tap the “redeem” button in the Slim Chickens App when you have told the server your order. Please show your server the seven-digit redemption code on your app screen when you are paying for the order.

How long do I have to use my Reward code after I tap redeem?

Your redemption code will expire in 1 hour.

Will I lose my Reward if my seven-digit code expires?

No. If you did not use your code within the hour after you tapped “redeem,” don’t worry, your reward goes back into your account after the code expires so you can use it later.

What is the maximum Reward amount I can redeem at one time?

You can redeem a maximum of $200.00 in earned Rewards at one time.

What is an earned Reward?

An earned Reward is $4 to spend at Slim Chickens. You bank $4 in Rewards for every 50 points you earn. You earn 1 point for every $1 spent at Slim Chickens.

What is a special offer?

A special offer is what you receive for downloading the App, for your special birthday treat, or a future Slimthusiast limited-time promotion!

Will my points or rewards expire?

At this time, we do not require you to use an earned Reward during a certain time frame.  However, all of the special offers that you receive will expire, so don’t let them go to waste!

For more information on the Slimthusiast Rewards program and Slim Chickens App visit: https://slimchickens.com/app/ and https://slimchickens.com/app/slimthusiast-rewards-terms-and-conditions/

Why can’t I receive daily offers when I order online?

Online orders do not qualify for daily offers. Please dine-in with us to receive daily offers.

Can I place a group order online?

Yes! You can place a group order through the Slim Chickens website. Please create an account or login to your existing account and share the group order link with everyone who would like to be included in the order. It’s fun and easy!

Can I use a gift-card with an online order?

No. Gift-cards are not accepted for online orders. If you would like to use a gift-card towards a pick-up order please call the store directly to place your order.

How can I provide feedback about the Slim Chickens App and the Slimthusiast Rewards?

After you place an order with the app you will be asked to share your feedback. You can share it with us and choose to allow us to share your feedback on social media. We want to keep improving your experience, so please provide feedback!

Do I need to own a smartphone to join the Slimthusiast Rewards?

No. You can sign up at the Slim Chickens website at: https://slimchickens.com/rewards/

To earn points in the store instead of scanning a receipt, please tell your server that you would like to check-in for Rewards with your phone number. The server can look up your phone number while you are placing your order so that your points automatically go into your account. You can view and edit your account through the website. You will receive your reward codes by email instead of the app. However, without a smartphone you will not receive or be able to claim special offers. When logged into your account on the website and placing an online order, points from your purchase will automatically be added to your Rewards account.

Is there a minimum spend required to earn points?

Yes. The pre-tax subtotal for your order must be at least $2.00 to earn points.