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Cozy Up to Slim’s New Holiday Jar Desserts

Slim Chickens Mason Jar Desserts

Cozy Up to Slim’s New Holiday Jar Desserts

We are happy to announce two new perfect endings to your Slim’s social meals for the holidays, and these joy-filled jar desserts will rival visions of sugar-plums any day of the season. We’ve taken scrumptious classics you know and love, Harvest Pumpkin and Southern Pecan Cheesecake, and layered them with delectable whipped cream to create the ultimate holiday treats. Every delightful spoonful is a piece of dessert heaven, AND you get to keep the Slim’s signature mason jar for your next holiday crafting project!

These are seasonal desserts, so they’re only around for a limited time. The next time you drive-thru or dine in at Slim’s, be sure to treat yourself to one or both flavors—before they’re gone in the New Year! Then check out these fun upcycled mason-jar ideas from Country Living for some creative inspo.

Scoop up your holiday jar desserts today!