Served with Texas toast, fries & a medium drink. Or swap your fries for any side.

Slims Plate

Five tenders & two dipping sauces

Chicks Plate

Three tenders & one dipping sauce

Hungry Plate

Seven tenders & two dipping sauces

6 Wing Plate

Six wings & one dipping sauce

8 Wing Plate

Eight wings & one dipping sauce

3 & 3 Plate

Three tenders, three wings & two dipping sauces

5 & 5 Plate

Five tenders, five wings & two dipping sauces

Served with a medium drink.

Slims Salad

Fresh greens, tenders (grilled or fried),cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers, fried onion straws, carrots & croutons

Buffalo Blues Salad

Fresh greens, tenders (grilled or fried) shaken in Buffalo wing sauce, blue cheese crumbles, diced celery & croutons

Served with fries & a medium drink. Or swap your fries for any side.

Cayenne Ranch Chicken Sandwich

Fried chicken breast with Cayenne Ranch, lettuce, pickles, homemade fried onions, Cayenne seasoning on a toasted bun

Chicken & Waffles

Three tenders piled high on a golden waffle with butter and syrup on the side (does not include a side)

Wrap Plate

Tenders, lettuce, tomato & ranch

Buffalo Wrap Plate

Tenders in savory Buffalo wing sauce, lettuce, tomato & ranch

Smokey Cheddar Wrap Plate

Tangy BBQ tenders, shredded cheese, lettuce & ranch

Kid’s Tender Meal (10 & under please)

Two tenders & one dipping sauce (served with Texas toast, fries or apple slices & milk or apple juice)


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Buffalo | Hot | Inferno | Honey BBQ | Spicy BBQ | BBQ | Sweet Red Chili | Mango Habanero | Garlic Parmesan | Sriracha Garlic

10 Wings   |   20 Wings

30 Wings   |   60 Wings


10 Tenders   |   20 Tenders

30 Tenders   |   60 Tenders

Sides with an (*) are a little extra.

Mac & Cheese


Potato Salad


Fried Pickles*

Fried Okra*

Fried Mushrooms*

Carrots & Celery | Side Salad | Texas Toast | Extra Sauce

Jar Dessert

Ask for today’s flavors

Fried Pie

Ask for today’s flavor

Iced Teas

Fresh brewed: Sweet, Unsweet, Peach, Raspberry

Soft Drinks

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